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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Auntie Susan

On April 12, erev Pesach, I assumed a new role in life. I am now an aunt -- my older sister gave birth to a 9 pound, 14 ounce healthy baby boy, whom I will meet, and who will officially be named, at his bris ceremony tomorrow. (I'm driving to the town where they live, and didn't have a chance to earlier because of Pesach.) I am very proud and excited, and will post the name, and possibly photos when I have the chance.

It's hard to believe that Pesach is already past. The weeks leading up to the chag were uber-hectic for me, but thankfully, I was able to do everything that had to be done, and I really had a great Pesach this year -- I even had some friends over for a meal on Chol Hamoed.

More reflections to come soon about aunt-hood.


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