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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

In other health news

A couple of months ago, I got in the habit of having yogurt once a day. It's a nice cool snack in the summer, is packed with calcium and active yogurt cultures, and is quite tasty, especially YoCrunch, a brand that comes with little packets of granola or candy to mix with the yogurt.

A few weeks into my yogurt regimen (read: latest addiction), a couple of friends were talking about all the health benefits of yogurt -- how the good bacteria in the yogurt kills all sorts of bad bacteria that can cause various maladies.

It was after that that I realized that my sometimes disastrous complexion had been much improved of late. I recalled being told that certain bacteria can cause acne, which is why antibiotics are sometimes prescribed as treatments. So I started thinking…. After eating a yogurt a day for a few weeks, my acne was much more in control than usual, even though my stress level was the same, or worse. Could it be the yogurt, I thought?

I searched online and found a few sites that claim that acidophilus, the bacteria in yogurt, can help alleviate adult acne. To be fair, I found other sites that claim that any dairy products, including yogurt, can contribute to acne problems. So, I think it's a remedy that works for some people, but is not a cure-all.

Even so, I post this as a public service announcement to others of you who may still be plagued by acne. Try the yogurt, it just might work.


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