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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Date me and be engaged within six months!*

Engaged to someone else, that is. During my routine daily check of OnlySimchas earlier this week, I noticed an engagement announcement for someone with whom I was set up back in January. He was a perfectly pleasant guy, but not someone who particularly interested me. We met for one date in a city approximately halfway between our Midwestern cities, and then I never heard from him again. I wasn't disappointed that he hadn't called because I felt ambivalent about the whole meeting, but the righteous indignation part of me flared up because it is just plain rude for a guy not to make a follow-up call after a date.

I wondered for a while if perhaps I should have called him, just to make sure he wasn't hit by a bus or anything, but I sensed that no communication was simply a sign of disinterest, not roadside disaster. And, I have been proven right. There weren't any tire tread marks on his face in the OnlySimchas photos, just a smile. His bride-to-be is cute, and they look happy together. All's well that ends well.

When I hear that someone I once dated, but was not "into," gets engaged, I often feel a sense of relief that I was smart to trust my instincts, and I made the right decision about person X. That's how I feel in this case, though this is not the first time that someone I have dated has very soon afterwards found their match. I'm thinking this could be a marketable skill. Or not, seeing as it would guarantee me a lot of bad dates, and no promise of meeting my prince charming. On second thought, never mind.

*Results may vary. No moneyback guarantee. Some former dates of said singleton remain unattached years after dating her.


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